How Important is Education for the Las Vegas Community?

According to the Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences National Center (NCES), over 50 million students attend almost 100,000 public elementary schools every year. In fact, the percent of adults attending college increased by 35 percent between 2000 and 2012. More parents and adults are realizing how important education is to to themselves and their community as explained below.

Why Elementary Education Matters
Formal education is one of the keys to success in life. It teaches core competencies, basic knowledge and fundamental skills that students will use throughout their lives. Therefore, an elementary education during these important years social, mental and physical development is extremely valuable. In school, students learn different aspects of reading, math and science. They also learn self-discipline and self-confidence. School teaches important interpersonal skills that students will use for the rest of their lives. School teaches children and adolescents to become reliable and responsible adults.

Why Higher Education Matters
Higher education is one of the best ways to develop and gain knowledge and skills for the workplace. Higher education establishes universally recognized standards that employers can use as benchmarks. On the other hand, many key professional jobs in the fields of health care, law and financing use formal education degrees as prerequisites for state licensing and certifications. For example, doctors, lawyers and certified public accountants all must have degrees from accredited programs in order to become certified in their field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), college graduates have lower higher salaries and unemployment rates. In 2009, an employee with a high school diploma earned over $600 a week compared to a college graduate who earned $1,100.

The Price of No Education
Students who do not successfully finish school will face various uphill battles during their life. They will experience higher levels of poverty and unemployment. This will leave to chronic unstable housing and living conditions. In fact, research shows that over $18 billion could be saved every year if the male high school graduate rate increased by only five percent. Research also shows that there is a casual correlation between educational level and incarceration rates. That is, almost 60 percent of federal inmates and 70 percent of state inmates did not complete high school. Therefore, education is extremely important for the community because it helps adults obtain gainful full-time employment and thus settle down and eventually contribute to the community.

To sum up, education is one of the best ways to learn basic and advanced life skills. Without a formal education, the individual will struggle to succeed in life and may experience poverty and engage in criminal behaviors. Learn more about the education system and how to get involved here.

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