Colleges in Nevada


The State of Nevada offers some of the best opportunities to its residents for higher education in the United States. Interestingly, the State known for its Casinos is also among the most regulated States when it comes to college education. The education system primarily consists of three independent bodies including public institutions, private institutions and for-profit schools. Most of these schools offer either 2-year program or 4-year program leading to a higher degree. Students wishing to pursue further education are also entitled to generous scholarships and financial assistance from the local government.

Public Colleges

Unlike other US States, educational priorities are set by local demands. As a result, job placement offices form an integral part of student life in Nevada Colleges as they are the primary source of contact with future suppliers, specifically in the hospitality industry. For instance, the largest college in Nevada, College of Southern Nevada, is located in Las Vegas with an enrollment of nearly 38,000 students. In keeping with the growing importance of Las Vegas skilled trade, the government decided to open a community college in 1971, which also became its largest school within two decades. At present, the College of Southern Nevada offers two years programs, which are mostly focused on offering basic college education and preparing students for real-life skill-trades. Besides, University of Nevada in Las Vegas also serves nearly 28,000 students making it the second largest college in the region. Similarly, the second most important city in the State, Reno houses two large public institutions. The largest of these is Reno Campus of University of Nevada, which offers 4-year degrees. Another well-known two-year college is Truckee Meadows Community College. The College enrolls more than 12,000 students making it among the four most reputed education institutes in Nevada.

Private Colleges

The largest private college is Touro University of Nevada enrolling 1,300 students. It is also one of the newest colleges in the State and the only institution offering graduate degree. It will not be an understatement to suggest that private college in Nevada symbolize Nevada’s ambition to offer greater opportunities for its residents without resorting to government funds. For instance, another newly formed public college, Wongu University of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture has quickly become one of the nation’s preeminent institutions offering Masters of Science degrees in Oriental Medicine.

For-Profit Institutions

The third group of colleges in the State is represented by for-profit institutions. Most of these institutions offer degrees in specific trades or they are well-known for offering online degrees. University of Phoenix, Kaplan College and Devry University are perhaps two of the most popular colleges offering online degrees. Besides, there are many for-profit colleges offering degrees in health and arts. The Art Institute of Las Vegas, ITT Technical Institute and Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts Las Vegas are some of the largest for-profit colleges in Nevada.

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