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How to choose a good Joomla hosting provider

Posted by admin on Aug 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

Joomla is a very powerful CMS tool that is used by quite a lot of people around the globe. The hosting services will be impeccable when you use this service and your website will have everything that it needs. This is because the tool is simply excellent and provides you with all that you require to design a beautiful website without having to spend too much money. You can gain valuable information regarding this type of hosting by visiting www.tolkadin.com. You need to consider certain factors without fail when you choose a good Joomla hosting provider. 

The service provider whom you choose to host your website must have all the facilities required to maintain this type of hosting. The server has to be configured appropriately to provide the best-in-class facilities. Compare the facilities provided by various companies and choose the one that provides you with dedicated Joomla hosting packages. You must also check whether they will allow you to use your own control panel to manage the stuff that you would like to post. All your needs must be compatible with the services that they offer. You might have lots of doubts running in your minds regarding all this and make sure you clear all of it before making the payment.

You should make sure that the provider offers you with adequate security measures. Hackers should not gain access to your site and the best way to stay away from trouble is by tightening the security measures. Joomla update should be available through the host provider. The security notification of the CMS should also be available for you so that you will be aware of the changes being made to the site to make it more secure.  The option to complete a daily backup will also be an added advantage. You will be able to keep your entire content safe and secure when this facility is available. It will also help you in rebuilding the pages if need arises at a later point of time.

Expert Support
You have to make sure that the hosting company provides you with server support. If this is not available you will have to face a lot of troubles. You choose Joomla hosting because you do not want to face any sort of trouble while running your website and hence this facility should not be forgotten. There are different modes of customer care made available by the providers. Make sure that your convenient mode of communication is included in their list. Most of them offer email support as well as telephone helpdesk facilities.

Caching support
You should make sure that you are provided with caching support. If this is not available, multiple user access to your websites might result in chaos. Your site will go down when the traffic is high and this is not a good thing. Nobody will take a second look at your site if it is not up and running all the time. Hence ensure the facility of sound caching support.

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What is my hobby?

Posted by admin on Nov 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

Obviously, everyone has his/her own interests that they fancy undertaking. For this case, my hobby is playing Guitar.

You think am the only one? Actually, vast majority have gained pleasurable moments with the grand music instrument over the previous century or 2. Perhaps it’s because of the mind-boggling influence from the 100s of renowned Guitarists ever lived. Whoa, whoa wait, you know what? When I get hold of my instrument, the thought of prominent players, such as:

  • James Page
  • Jack White
  • Tom Morello,
  • John Mayer

comes in my mind. If you have ever paid attention to any of the Jack’s composed items, you would bear with me how influential were the Guitarists.

For instance, if you have never listened to heaven before, then you have to pinch the pocket and procure his albums and take note to listen. Page was no Shakespeare but his playing speaks to your soul. As we speak, his songs has influences countless of the contemporary players. In fact, his guitar riffs are everlastingly imprinted in my mind. My two siblings have also embraced in this and play the intro to stairway. Now, that we know how influential are the guitarists.Surprisingly, the other day as I was listening to one John Mayer’s composers to puff up my skills, I was compelled to sob uncontrollably. You can guess what happened if you have listened to his work- Your Body Is Wonderland, or Daughters. I’m usually a tough guy but his selections instilled thoughts of my broken love.

To prove me, spare some time to watch some of Mayer’s videos and you will absolutely reaffirm the aforesaid statements. Guitars prominence has grown considerably since their emergence a hundred of years ago. Music Analysts attest that Industrial revolution. In Europe they facilitated the spread of the music gadgets, since that when the metal strings were introduced, including discovery of other new metals. Metal was smelted and forged to fabricate wonderful sounding piece of equipments.

Afterwards, as the years went by knowledge relating to manufacturing this instrument was spread to rest of the continents. Numerous parties devised additional strings allowing for rapid playing of the music appliance. However, following immense evolution of this instrument, a good number of modern guitarists face dilemma while exploiting the instrument. The earlier composers never apply much to the modern ones. May be it’s because the instruments formerly utilized by the likes of Tom Morello neither exists nor are they analogous to recent music gadgets.

Therefore a lengthened and arduous effort of interpretation is requisite prior to playing modern guitars amusingly. All in all, every guitar still holds that fantastic sense of music. So kick a start also to beauty and romance lifestyles while controlling your emotions with this music piece. You will love every bit of it.

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How to Get Over Your Past and Move Forward In Life

Posted by admin on Sep 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

Life is all about moving ahead and not walking behind. Memories, be it good or bad, always remains. Although there is no gain in holding them close and not let go. Because, olden days do not come back and neither can any incident be undone. Mistakes can only be rectified in the future while similar situations arrive. As tomorrow is a mystery, yesterday is a history. And yesterday can never be today, so an individual must live for today. Whatever left, cannot return until tried in the future. And some things do not ever return in case once gone. So there is no point in living in the past. Emotion is a part of mankind and nobody in the world lives without it. But there is a point in life when it is time to take things practically. Also, being over emotional is not ideal for any human as there is and ought to be a limit to everything. An individual must also think about his or her close people in life. When in pain for the past, you should not forget that he being hurt also hurts his close people, may be parents, relatives or friends. It is not always possible to fight with the mirror of mind which still contains past largely. Yet, it is not impossible either. It is said that imagination and human thought are way faster than light. How strong he wants to be, totally depends upon how well he controls himself. Thinking only positive may not always help one in a long term basis, as he should take precautions from the negativities too. Though it is necessary of having a positive and confident approach always leads him to success. This factor has been proved by all the established people in the world. Not only to prove to everybody around, but one must stay positive in order to prove to himself as well. Time and tide wait for nothing. A person must have the mental strength to be prepared to take any kind of shock that comes in the way. It is easier said than actually do it, however a complete human never loses hope and keeps on trying to achieve the same. Every human existence is complicated and every experience and expression is tough. You may lie to the world but at least should stay true to yourself. Man has conquered a lot, he can also conquer himself. He should just try with truth and never leave trying until dead. It is up to him how long he needs be stronger since trying to the fullest comes from within.

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My favorite superheroes

Posted by admin on Jul 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

I love fictional characters and have a huge list of favorites. But if someone asks me about my most favorite superheroes, my answer will be Superman, Batman and Spiderman. These three characters are popular fictional comic characters. Though every fictional character always possesses special powers, these three in particular fascinate me the most. Some of the reasons behind my liking are their beliefs, will to fight crime, maintain justice and obviously their use of extraordinary powers in different breathtaking circumstances.Superman is a comic book superhero which got published by DC Comics. More than a decade has passed watching the advancement in the storyline of Superman who is regarded as an American cultural icon. Many people are associated with the development of this comic book, but it would be unfair to not to mention the American artist Joe Shuster and American writer Jerry Sigel who gave birth to this magnificent character. The character got developed by the duo while they were residing in Cleveland, Ohio.According to the story, Superman is an alien and his birth planet was Krypton. He reached Earth in a space shuttle, in form of a baby, prior to the destruction of Krypton. Superman got adopted by a Kansas family and got raised by them. The main role’s secret identity is Clarke Kent. He started using his extraordinary abilities for the greater good of humanity.Next in the queue is Batman who is also a fictional being and was developed by writer Bill Finger and artist Bob Kane. Batman is considered as the best imaginary detective of the world and it had been primarily published by Detective comics or DC comics. Some of the common aliases of Batman are “The Dark Knight” and “The Caped Crusader”.Even Batman has a secret identity, which is Bruce Wayne. As per the storyline, he resides in an imaginary city called Gotham and is the ultimate protector of the city. Bruce Wayne is a multibillionaire industrialist, philanthropist and playboy. The main role’s parents were murdered in front of him and this incident strongly motivated him as a child to fight for justice and punish the criminals. He does not possess any power and solely depends on the specially tailored suit, gadgets and physical combat training to fight against corruption.Spiderman is an intriguing imaginary being. As the name suggests, Spiderman’s powers resemble the abilities of a spider. This comic hero got created by writer-artist Steve Ditko and writer-editor Stan Lee and it had been published by Marvel Comics.The guy gets raised by his Uncle Ben and Aunt May. Spiderman is a teenager and has to suffer the general problems related to adolescence in addition to the crime fights. The main role’s secret identity is Peter Parker and was bitten by a spider and thus possessed the super strength and agility and many other powers similar to spiders.First Comic BookYear of PublishingSuperman – The Adventures of Superman1938Batman 1940Spiderman – The Amazing Spiderman1963

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Spyware and Viruses – a threat to computer world

Posted by admin on Jun 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

IntroductionSpyware is a type of malicious software that is installed on the computer and it collects information about the computer user without their knowledge or consent. Spyware are typically hidden from user and can be very difficult to detect. Viruses on the other hand are computer programs that have the capability to replicate it and spread widely from one mainframe to other. They both are considered a threat to mainframe and are currently being used by several hackers to extract useful information from other workstations.Why are they considered a threat? The first ever virus was the creeper virus detect on the ARPANET. It was an experimental program written by Bob Thomas.  The first use of spyware was recorded in 16 October 1995. Since then spyware and viruses go hand in hand and are total threat to CPUs. As spyware and viruses have evolved more and more over the years so have various solution to prevent , detect and delete them.Processor viruses are getting more sophisticated and becoming difficult to track. Moreover they are employing various different ways to spread themselves rapidly. Spywares or advertising software also known as adware is being targeted mainly to net surfers. The data it collects is used to target net surfers with tailored advertising either via popup windows or through emails.The root cause of the spyware and bugs is the internet. Through the net the bugs and spywares gain access to user’s computer and interfere with their personal details. The main problem is that these software spies are getting nasty day by day. Spywares are being programmed and propagated with the soul reason of recording important data like credit card numbers, book marking undesirable sites, personal passwords, hacking you internet accounts etc. the main method of spreading viruses today is via email but it may not be the only way. Bugs can enter a computer by various other ways like CD, file transfer, file sharing etc. Once a virus gets into a network it can have many ways to spread itself over the network.Spyware and antivirus are not only confined to home user but also affect business machines. They target any computer on the network be it home users or business PCs. Their main aim is to hack the processor and get information that are useful to them most of these programs are written by advertising agencies so that they can make more customers. Some programs are also written by hackers to hack your bank account.Much threat as they seem to the central processing unit, over the years since their evolution, many programs have also been written to overcome these threats. Most commonly known ant viruses and firewalls are used to prevent antivirus from entering a computer. The antivirus and firewalls must be up-to-date to ensure through protection of your PC.

Compatibility of different antivirus softwares with different operating system SoftwareWindowsMac OS XLinuxFree BSDUNIX360 SafeguardYesYesYesYesYesAgnitum Security Outpost suiteYesNoNoNoNoAd-Aware antispyware +antivirusYesNoNoNoNoAvastYesYesYesYesYesAVGYesYesNoNoNoCA anti-virusYesYesYesNoYes

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How do I party?

Posted by admin on Jun 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hanging out with my friends especially on weekends is something that I like to do. It has actually become a part of my life and I cannot actually live without this stuff. Though there are various ways to party and everyone possess its own. The way and method of doing party is not restricted. Everyone possess its own likes and dislikes; hence keeping this in view everyone possess its method that is quite different from the others.I have my own method that is quite different from the rest. My way is quite unique and you won’t find many people who party like me. Well, I desperately wait for the weekend because I know it is something unique and new for me.

Every weekend has a charm and is different from the previous one. It brings something new for me which at times is quite unexpected and I like this thing the most.Well, I mostly plan a day before and then follow my plan in the most effective way. My friends also like partying hence we make sure that we go to somewhere that has loads of fun and excitement for us.Most of the time we prefer going to some club because it ha s everything that our young blood. We absolutely go and enjoy every bit of it. We make sure that we do not miss anything that has stored fun for us.At times if the day is sunny and windy we prefer going to beach. Well it is a great treat to enjoy barbeque there. We friends do it all alone and enjoy it with cold drinks. It is indeed a great fun.A couple of times we have also gone on the mountain top to enjoy open air party in the loud music and that too in natural environment.

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